About us

At Universal, we started as an merchant exporter few years back. We soon gain expertise in understanding customer requirements and global  market demands. After observing all the needs and successfully satisfying our client’s around the globe finally, the ground got broken into our 1st manufacturing Unit “ At Jalore” . This is said to be one of the finest manufacturing unit with latest automated machineries to add values to our stone.

We are highly client-centric company and always looking forward to meets customer demands and satisfying them in terms of Quality, Price, Packaging, Services, Documentation and Delivery. After our 1st successful project in North India, we had set-up another manufacturing unit in Kareemnagar (Telangana) which had recently started production. We are in a final phase for our 3rd project at Ongole (A.P). which we plan to start in next 6 months. We believe to go near the quarries and convert the rough and dead stone into a fined tuned slabs with is ready to be implemented.

Group of Companies


Universal Granimarmo Pvt LTD,
Jalore (Rajasthan)

1. 6- single cutter
2. 2- multi-cutter
3. 1- Hensheng 15 Head -Line Polisher
4. 6- Hand Polisher
5. 2- Single head Auto Polisher
6. 1- Epoxy line
7. 2- Double disc Edge-cutting machine
8. 2- Single disc Edge –cutting machine
9. 1- Bridge cutter.
10. E.O.T
11. Crane
12. Dresser.
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Universal Rocks India LLP,
Kareemnager (Telangana)

1. 2- Multi Cutter
2. 7- Single Cutter
3. 7- Single Cutter
4. 1- Appoxy Line
5. 1- Bridge Cutter
6. 3 - Edge Cutter
7. 1- Automatic plant
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Universal Gold Granite LLP
Madurai, Tamil Nadu


Universal Galaxy Granite LLP
Ongole, (A.P.)

We, at “Universal” adds value to natural stone.

With different factory set-ups, strong alliance at Quarries, satisfied clients globally, dedicated services, we are running furiously to achieve our goal we aim.